From The Chairman's Desk

Being a Chairman of NRI Public School, it is a unique opportunity for me to communicate with you through this medium. We at NRI Public School endeavour to build responsible and global citizens through a widely accepted CBSE curriculum and value based learning. The ethos of NRI GDS is characterized by its enthusiasm, energy, optimism and vibrancy.

I extend my gratitude to the parents who have admitted their wards in this school. We fully recognize the sacrifices you make to ensure that your child receives a good education. We strive to balance the operational needs of the school with the financial realities of the families.

With its modern, technically advanced, child centric and eco-friendly infrastructure, NRI Public School will prove to be a place where children are eager to learn. We are passionate about identifying young leaders with strong values and then supporting them to develop to their full potential. Reading, debate and discussions are the cornerstones of our approach.